When a tooth is knocked out, lost to an untreated cavity, or extracted to prevent further infection, it can affect your mouth in a variety of ways. At first, you might only struggle with decreased oral function and potential changes in your speech as well as the appearance of your smile.

Over time, the structural changes in that part of your mouth can gradually start to influence the surrounding teeth. This may cause them to turn at an unnatural angle or drift out of their correct position.

To effectively prevent these complications, you should schedule a dental restoration consult at Dr. Sharon Sims’s clinic in Shreveport, Louisiana. If you have not yet experienced orthodontic complications, Dr. Sharon Sims might be able to replace the extracted tooth with a dental bridge.

This method of dental restoration requires two separate appointments. The final bridgework will need to be installed onto abutments formed from the two closest teeth.

The dental bridge itself needs to be created at a special dental lab. When it’s ready, Dr. Sharon Sims will install it into your mouth with a strong dental adhesive. This will fully restore the tooth’s function and presence in your mouth for many years ahead.

If you live in the Shreveport, Louisiana, area, and you have recently lost a tooth, you should call 318-631-1100 to schedule a dental restoration consult at Sharon Sims.

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