Bruxism is a common oral health disorder characterized by grinding teeth. Although it can be difficult to spot when it is happening , there are plenty of warning signs. For more information about bruxism, consider the following:

– Looking closely at the appearance of your teeth, can you tell if they look duller and flatter than normal?
– Have you ever noticed any unexplained chips, cracks, fractures, or splits in your teeth?
– Do you find that your tooth enamel is worn down to the point that your teeth are now sensitive when eating or drinking?
– Do you have a pain in your head that feels similar to an earache but doesn’t appear to be caused by an ear problem?
– Are you grinding and gnashing your teeth while you sleep?
– Would you say that your jaw easily locks up and fails to open fully?
– Are there any signs of cheek tissue damage on the inside of your mouth due to what appears to be bite marks?
– Do you notice any abnormal or irregular indentations or markings on your tongue?

If you would like a bruxism treatment from Sharon Sims at our dentist office in Shreveport, Louisiana, please contact us at 318-631-1100. Dr. Sims and the rest of our team will ensure you get the perfect smile you desire.

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