If you have questions about flossing, you’re not alone. Many people find flossing complex and even confusing. This oftentimes leads to them skipping the flossing routine altogether. This is a dangerous move. So, if you have questions about flossing, our dentist, Dr. Sharon Sims, is more than happy to help you by providing the answers to commonly asked questions.

Why do I need to floss my teeth?
Flossing is very important for your oral health. It’s important because it removes plaque from the crevices of your smile. Plaque is a destructive film that attacks the teeth and gums and promotes tooth decay and gum disease. If it’s not removed regularly, your smile could be in danger.

How often should I floss my teeth?
You should floss your teeth once a day. It doesn’t matter when you floss, but most people like to floss at night before they go to bed.

How should I floss my teeth?
You should remove 18 inches of floss from the floss container. Then, you should wrap most of the string around the middle finger on each hand. Make sure to leave a little bit of space between the two fingers. Finally, use your two index fingers to push the extra floss (the floss between the fingers) into the crack between your teeth. After, scrape the sides of each tooth and clean the gum line. Be careful as you work around the gums and use a clean section of floss as you move from tooth to tooth.

To learn more about flossing in Shreveport, Louisiana, please contact Sharon Sims at 318-631-1100 at your earliest convenience. When you reach out to our dental team, we will be thrilled to assist you and give you the information and answers you’re looking for.

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