Healthy teeth require daily oral care and proper amounts of attention to remain in good shape. Our team at Sharon Sims can offer further support to maintain your oral hygiene, including providing routine dental checkups every six months that care for your teeth and gums. When you visit our dentist, we can provide professional fluoride treatment for stronger and healthier teeth.

Why does fluoride matter to the health of your smile? It is a mineral that is found naturally in food and water and can keep the teeth nourished and strengthened against harmful bacteria that affects the mouth. Your teeth are subject to a daily cycle of demineralization and remineralization, and if they aren’t exposed to fluoride on a daily basis, they can lose their mineral strength and become weak and vulnerable. This puts you at an increased risk of dental problems like tooth sensitivity, decay and gum disease. You can help your teeth remain healthy by incorporating a fluoride toothpaste and fluoride mouthwash into your daily oral care routine.

Dr. Sharon Sims and our team can also provide professional fluoride treatment during your regular dental checkups at our office. This treatment is provided as a varnish that is coated on the teeth following your dental cleaning using a tray or brush. The varnish can be flavored to make the treatment more appealing, and it’s left on the teeth for a while so that the minerals can penetrate the tooth enamel before it’s rinsed away.

To learn more about our fluoride treatment in Shreveport, Louisiana, you are very welcome to call Sharon Sims at 318-631-1100 today for a visit with our dentist!

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