Do you have any missing teeth or damaged teeth that need to be extracted? If so, it is important to think about what types of replacement methods you want, to ensure your smile can function properly for your life going forward. Some services can provide tooth replacements that are removable, while others can provide permanent installations in your mouth that will give long-lasting benefits for the rest of your life.

Fix your damaged teeth with an oral tooth replacement treatment. Here are some of the services Sharon Sims can provide:

– Tooth Extractions: If you have any teeth that need to be removed, a certified tooth extraction can ensure that your jaw and gums remain healthy and better prepared for whatever form of tooth replacement you may require after.
– Dentures: Dentures are used to replace lost teeth with removable alternatives that can be constructed for just a few teeth or for entire rows.
– Dental Implants: Dental Implants are permanent solutions that can last a lifetime and are used to replace missing teeth that have been lost due to oral accidents, injuries, tooth decay, etc.
– Dental Bridges: Dental bridges, also referred to as fixed partial dentures, are used to replace missing teeth by forming a bridge across the empty voids, which links to nearby teeth for stability and support.

If you have lost any teeth, or need a tooth extraction, stop by Sharon Sims for all your tooth replacement needs. If you would like a consultation with Dr. Sharon Sims at our dentist office in Shreveport, Louisiana, please contact us at 318-631-1100. Sharon Sims looks forward to filling out your smile once more and returning you back on the pathway to outstanding oral health.

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