It’s not unheard of for a hard fall or a blow to the face to damage the periodontal ligaments that anchor a tooth and cause it to be knocked out of the socket. If this happens to you there are a few things to keep in mind.

If there is blood or debris in your mouth you can rinse it away and sooth the injured tissues with lukewarm salt water. This will help you get a clear view of the damage to your mouth.

In some situations, it might be possible for Sharon Sims to implant the knocked out tooth back into the socket. For this to even be possible it needs to have been knocked out of the socket cleanly and the tooth itself still needs to be alive.

If no parts of the knocked out tooth or root structure remain in the socket in your gums, it might still be saved. You can keep it alive by holding it in your cheek. There are also tooth preservation products available for sale that are filled with a specially formulated nourishing gel. To use it, you simply place the knocked out tooth in the jar and seal it. The nourishing gel will keep it alive for a short time, while you set up your appointment at Sharon Sims

If the tooth was fractured, damaged or there is some of it still lodged in the socket, then Sharon Sims will most likely have to extract the remainder of the knocked out tooth. Sometimes we can perform a root canal to restore the tooth.

If one of your teeth has been knocked out, you need to call Sharon Sims immediately at 318-631-1100 to schedule an appointment.

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