When extensive tooth damage, deep stains, or discoloration are beyond the restorative power of most dental restorations or teeth whitening, a dental crown may be the ideal treatment for your smile. Dr. Sharon Sims provides custom-made dental crowns to make damaged teeth whole again.

These protective caps are placed over damaged or misshapen teeth to provide protection and restore a flawlessly cosmetic appearance. When we create your dental crown, we will customize it to the needs of its intended tooth, including enhancing the color, shape, or size of the tooth.

Dental crowns can perform many functions, both functional and cosmetic, including:

– Holding together the broken pieces or bits of a broken tooth

– Supporting a large dental filling when there is not much remaining tooth structure

– Repairing and protecting a tooth whose structure or surrounding jaw is too damaged for other treatments such as veneers and dental implants

If you suspect you need a dental crown, please do not wait until it is too late; contact Sharon Sims at 318-631-1100 today and schedule an appointment with our dentist to have your tooth examined. You are also welcome to speak with our team if you have questions about the process of receiving a dental crown in Shreveport, Louisiana.

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